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Sites Strong recruitment site for Horeca and entertainment industry in England. Excellent done, the site offers various information and facilities to those that are looking for a job, including salary details and financial information. Jobs in hotel, pub, restaurant, bar and catering industry, or on cruise ships. 1500 attractive offers One of the most powerful recruitment sites in Ireland and UK, with an experience of over 16 per market. Personal Wanted: F \u0026amp; ampB, bar, restaurant, catering, industrial catering kitchen (Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef), front-office, waiters, waiters. Offers including cruise ships and luxury hotels. One of the largest recruiting area restaurant, cruise ships, food \u0026amp; beverage, pubs, casinos, clubs. With offices in USA, Europe, Philippines, Indonesia, the company has an excellent international coverage by providing access to jobs such as cook, bartender, waiter, pastry, steward, housekeeping, sommelier, receptionist, head room. There are proposals for management position. Strong mediation site for restaurant jobs, Horeca. Bids come exclusively from the 4 and 5 star facilities around the world (Dubai, Qatar, London, Cambridge, Amsterdam, Tunisia ...). Wanted candidates for M \u0026amp; ampB, banqueting, bar \u0026amp; amppub, restaurant, kitchen, bakery, room division. Offers very attractive, generous descriptions. Hundreds of jobs from an elite agency rerouting of England. Jobs in hotels, cafes, bars, clubs and luxury restaurants in both UK and elsewhere in Europe. Entertainment segment is also well represented with club offers billiards, bowling, golf, tennis and fitness. No-one site. One among the sites offering jobs in tourism. Over 4,000 active bids from various operators and travel agencies (First Choice, Fleetway Travel, Thompson BA ...). Section supports online courses for those interested in international certifications. Email Alert Service sends jobs directly in your mailbox last posted. One of the largest and most powerful sites for exclusive field jobs Horeca and cruise ships. Over 30,000 job offers from 134 countries can only certify the richness and variety of this site. Besides the usual items for chefs, bakers, waiters, hostess, vacancies proposed site for masseurs, manicurist, golf instructors, jewelers, supervisors, fitness instructors, beauticians ... Recruitment site for tourism (travel agencies, travel companies) with its own method of dealing with candidates gandidata method to provide equal opportunities for visibility in front of employers. Hundreds of jobs from the biggest U.S. hotel or agencies: Avis, Howard Johnson, Oceania Cruises ... Strong recruitment site specializing position from: hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, catering companies, clubs and cruise ships. The site has international coverage and attractive job offers: cooks, waiters, waiters, bakers, bartenders, butcher, baker, concierge, food \u0026amp; ampbeverage manager, maitre d\u0026#39;hotel ... etc.Sfaturi the present composition and CV to interview, useful links. Over \u003cb\u003e10,000\u003c/b\u003e job \u003cb\u003eoffers\u003c/b\u003e Horeca industry exclusive, worldwide: hotel manager, restaurant manager, retail manager, chef, sous chef, sommelier, waiter, pastry, bakery, confectionery, steward, supervisor, floor manager, night manager beauty expert, gourmet, travel agent. Offers variety for both entry level and management. Job Alert Service will send our latest offers by email.