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Sites With over 20 years experience, agency mediates job offers for hotels, private clubs, resort facilities, restaurane, food and retail industry in the United States. Free service for candidates. Oriented middle and top management positions, with an enviable experience in the U.S. market, the site provides candidates enrolled in the database access to attractive jobs in the food industry (food industry) and Horeca (hotels, restaurants, companies Catering) including non-resident candidates. Part of a whole chain of related sites on American Horeca area, the site offers free placement services in the hotel industry experienced candidates. You can apply online database. U.S. specialists in recruitment for management positions Horeca segment restaurants. Includes all the specific positions of a restaurant, but especially the management. Vacancies are posted online, but you can submit a resume. Specialized agency for tourism in New England, USA. You can apply online by filling vacancies in relation to a simple online form. Exclusive restaurants, private clubs, traditional bakeries, catering companies looking for qualified personnel with national coverage for the U.S.. Tenders addressed only those with relevant experience in the field. Jobs on cruise ships and luxury facilities. The site covers all industry-specific areas: hospitality, food \u0026amp; beverage, cleaning and maintenance, entertainment, casinos and beauty. U.S. recruitment agency for middle management positions horeca industry (restaurant). Recruitment site specializing in the production of food. Specialists in this field are invited to apply. Company targets top management segment. Many jobs from food industry and retail food industry. Offers interesting for specialists in food production (meat processing, vegetable, fruit, fish products, flour, bread). Links, online forms.