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Sites Recruitment agency for medical and especially for the U.S. health care. The agency is explicitly open applications coming from the outside world, was not so interested in how the country of origin and potential value. A relatively small number of deals but offset by quality and diversity. Covered all areas and medical specialties, including assistance. Registration in the database to receive notification service (free) is a beneficial option (U.S.). Temporary jobs and permanent regime but for those specialized in dentistry. Temporary work can be a viable solution for those interested to gather references and experience for permanent positions. The site shows only offers California and U.S. West Coast.

www.lubbockmetro.commedjobs Offers for nurses, anesthesiologists, therapists, doctors of various specializations in the best U.S. hospitals and private clinics. Interesting offers from different medical specialties, U.S.. U.S. recruitment agency specialized in the medical field. Are offered jobs in hospitals, private clinics, health insurance companies, health centers. UK recruitment site specialized areas: dental care and pharmacy. Agency accepts both candidates in the UK, and nonrezidenti. Interesting offers from different medical specialties, U.S.. Links to industry sites, search engine information on drugs. Approximately 50 active bids for healthcare. The agency covers all fields, including positions in administration and management or related sales, research and biotechnology (U.S.). Jobs in the culinary field, intermediate for England held a very specialist area. Salaries interesting.