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Sites One of the leading recruitment portals in Africa, is the starting point for looking for a job in most states of the African continent. An excellent site structured, offering general recruitment. With a database of 70,000 resumes, the site is appreciated and used by employers. With over 6,000 job offers, collected from the entire continent of over 140 recruitment agencies and countless individual anhajatori with over 120,000 applicants and about 200,000 visitors each month, the site is included in the category Site elita.Toate sites services are free to applicants. Very rich in information and advice on careers, is both an important recruitment portal for Africa. More than 3,000 job offers for all areas, regardless of management. Well done grafic.Cel leading online recruitment site in Africa. Single site receiving the security certificate of confidentiality CVs. With over 15,000 resumes, is an important site for Morocco, considered as such by employers. Always be at least 400 job offers, structured classes for all levels of execution. Base language is French. Links, but offers little information and advice. One of the leading online recruitment site in Africa. Versions in French and English. Provides jobs for every level. International recruitment site (Harrison Jones Associates). Well structured, offering whatever level positions, but mainly for top positions. With over 10 years experience, the site is accessed by expatriates who seek a post of manager in Africa and beyond.

www.executivesontheweb.comsa The most important site for African managerial.Site segment offers a large number of excellent payroll jobs, which is why the world is recognized by those interested in top positions. Offers positions in European countries, mainly in England. Support English, French, Spanish. Provides recruitment services especially for Africa, but is a non-specialized international recruitment site. Offers services such as newsletters, email notification of new posts, information and advice. Recruitment site and online brokerage specializing in IT. Provides many jobs in the area, excellent payroll specialist with experience in Java, Oracle, SAP, Telecom and Microsoft products. Recruitment agency dedicated primarily aviation. Provides specialized items for airlines in Africa, for pilots, flight attendants, technical staff. There is no staff looked at the ground or air cargo.