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Sites IT specialist on site. Thousands of jobs in Asian countries such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore or the Philippines to the world\u0026#39;s largest companies. Find specialists in IT Sales \u0026amp; Marketing, ERP, Consulting, Project Management, System Administration, APPLICATION SUPPORT, Hardware Engineering, C + + development, Java development, Web / Multimedia Design. Provide places for people who know Java, SQL, C + +, SAP, ASP, XML, Sybase, Solaris, Linux, JSP, DCOM, PHP, SOAP, CCIE, WML. Jobs in Asia: Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, Indonesia. But there are deals in the U.S. or Australia. Thousands of jobs for each of these countries. Interests: Accounting, IT, General Management, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Telecommunications, Finance and Banking. International recruitment site. Jobs in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Australia. Jobs in the world\u0026#39;s largest IT companies, tourism, FMCG, Medical, Sales, Telecom.

www.51job.comdefault-e.php?from=inner One of the giants of global recruitment industiriei: 650,000 divided into 150,000 job offers for ads! The site excels in speed and course organization and job offers abundant in all areas of IT, Construction, Hotel, Catering, Tourism, travel, medical, engineering, printing, chemicals, transport, research, services, agriculture ... Strong recruitment site offering fluent English speakers can work in the educational field in China. Bids come mainly from schools and training insitutii. The site is interesting because intership programs or offers summer school type. A strong recruitment site for Asia. Search engine uses an ingenious but to receive registration services site membership is required. Jobs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Rich and complex site. Jobs in IT, tourism, FMCG, Medical, Sales, Telecom.

www.asiadragons.comemploymenthome.shtml Although not a very good design, the site offers incredibly many jobs throughout Asia. Another disadvantage is the poor structuring of the offer, but can search by keywords on the page, allowing finally locating the desired position. Because database offers jobs in the various fields, the site is one of the most powerful. Powerful online recruitment site in Asia. Covers China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam. But there are offers or the United States and Europe. Many information and links. Contact addresses and direct links to universities in Asia (scholarships and jobs for youth). Online recruitment agency providing jobs for workers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and throughout China. Access to the site based on user account, but registration is free.