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www.bacdubai.comprofile.html Strong recruitment site in Dubai, focused mainly on the upper level. The site is first in the world to obtain ISO 9001 certification. Jobs available in all areas of activity for the Gulf region. Strong recruitment site serving more than 670,000 of about 10,000 applicants and client companies. The site serves other countries such as Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Advanced search facilities, jobs in various fields, including oil industry or tourism. Recruitment site serving primarily Egypt and the Gulf States. The site offers advanced search features customized for both candidates and companies. Jobs in all areas such as travel or food. Furthermore accessible information about the job market and news. Excellent recruitment site for the emirate\u0026#39;s site very well structured and rich in information. The site offers access to an impressive selection of vacancies in areas such as IT, Medical, Travel, Engineering, and also in aviation. One of the most important portals of the emirate. Section Jobs and employment offers access to a range of opportunities. Advanced search engine, structured by region, occupational categories and keywords. Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Kabul and other major cities of the emirate. Worth visit our dedicated oil industry or construction.