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Sites Not sure. Over 60,000 resumes in our database, about 700 employers, special section for young graduates with more than 1,200 job offers out of 5800 on the site. Covers all fields: industry, construction, trade, agriculture, insurance, finance, banking, transportation, telecommunications. The site presents offers from other European countries such as Belgium, Holland, Spain, Greece, Italy and the Americas USA and Canada ... Site links. To be removed but put the information from them. an excellent site dedicated to those who want to look online and find out what about and how things Minsk in a normal world with 20,000 resumes and cover positions as a large factory oaneni SDI superlative quality. One of the largest international recruitment websites, having posted over 50,000 job offers in France and worldwide. JobPilot network includes 11 countries: England, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Germany. Offerings in all areas, many current information. A metasearch, powerful search engine, with 270 sites associated with recruitment and not only so that every day are more than 4,500 jobs from a total of 150,000 per month. Advanced Search according to region, sector, contract type or level of experience. Searching is done in almost all European countries but also on the American continent. Powerful search engine, type metasearch, affiliated with over 190 specialized sites or company websites. Offers for free-lance business. All fields: trade, tourism, hotel, restaurant, secretarial, construction, agriculture, media, automotive, finance, banking, electronics, IT and accounting. Offers a total of 130,000 over 8000 employees, mainly in France but also in other countries. Over 8,500 jobs in France alone. Description Monster. One of the most powerful international recruitment websites covering Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, England. News Room service offers or newsletters. Over 1,000 jobs in France. All fields: automotive, engineering, tourism, hotel, manufacturing, construction, administrative, sales, consulting. One of the most popular search sites international job. Countries of interest: Britain, Australia, Belgium, Italy, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand. Useful information. Renowned companies. All areas.