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Sites Description JobPilot. Description Monster. One of the most important world-class companies specializing in executive search and heah-hunting. With 81 offices in 52 countries, Amrop manages to answer the most difficult challenges posed by this activity. Excellent services. Are invited to apply all those interested in a career in top companies, but which have either potential or value remercabila professional. Strong recruitment site in the Netherlands. Hundreds of job offers in all areas, part of an international network with sites in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal. Latest news and information, archive of articles. The site offers an advanced search engine, highly detailed and accurate, including search by keyword. The site offers several features (email alert service) and is affiliated with a network of powerful sites, which gives candidates access to interesting positions. Jobs numerous interesting and well structured classical categories: IT, finance, banking, accounting, sales, service, namely sub-structured job in Holland. Details salaries and careers. Email alert service on matters of interest. Recruitment agency for managerial positions. Generous offer to candidates who are in search of interesting items. Proven professional experience and value are essential conditions for access, however. You can submit online resume and you will be contacted within 5 days (if your CV to the employer shows interest). The site offers English version. Section of CV workshops, career advice, legal advice about employment, email alert, information on wages in the Dutch market, information on trainings. Section for students. Jobs in Holland. All fields: IT, manufacturing, commerce, services ... Tips for presentation at the interview, the latest information. Labour Market Information. You can insert your CV in a vast search. Employers will contact you directly.