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Sites \u003cTR\u003e\u003cTD width\u003d'239' height\u003d'27'\u003e \u003ca href\u003d''\u003e\u003cimg border\u003d'0' src\u003d'./Img/Spania/LInfoAgro.gif' width\u003d'145' height\u003d'25'\u003e\u003c/a\u003e \u003c/TD\u003e\u003cTD width\u003d'238' height\u003d'27'\u003e\u003cimg border\u003d'0' src\u003d'./Img/STARS/3stars.gif' width\u003d'80' height\u003d'25'\u003e\u003c/TD\u003e\u003c/TR\u003e\u003cTR\u003e\u003cTD width\u003d'477' height\u003d'27' colspan\u003d'2'\u003e \u003cfont size\u003d'2' face\u003d'Arial'\u003eWebsite dedicated entirely to agriculture. Among the many information available to those interested in our field: Infoservices / Search Jobs are few job offers very attractive in Spain, of course agriculture.\u003c/font\u003e \u003cTR\u003e\u003cTD width\u003d'239' height\u003d'27'\u003e \u003ca href\u003d''\u003e\u003cimg border\u003d'0' src\u003d'./Img/Spania/LEmpleos.gif'\u003e\u003c/a\u003e \u003c/TD\u003e\u003cTD width\u003d'238' height\u003d'27'\u003e\u003cimg border\u003d'0' src\u003d'./Img/STARS/5stars.gif' width\u003d'132' height\u003d'25'\u003e\u003c/TD\u003e\u003c/TR\u003e\u003cTR\u003e\u003cTD width\u003d'477' height\u003d'27' colspan\u003d'2'\u003e \u003cfont size\u003d'2' face\u003d'Arial'\u003edescription\u003c/font\u003e Description CompuTrabajo. Recutare strong site in Spain. Generous offers, all fields: agriculture, construction, trade, technical ... well-structured site allows dedicated search by region: Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Alicante, Seville, Zamora, Zaragoza ... Top recent jobs, among the most appreciated companies. Online surveys, news and information on labor laws. Hundreds of offers valid! One of the biggest and best search engine for jobs in Spain. The site is designed by providing bilingual and English version and addresses of U.S. Hispanic community, speaking English. \u003cfont color\u003d'#FF0000'\u003eTo be out of here, does not include Spain.\u003c/font\u003e Strong recruitment site, working in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Site very well done, interesting and rich articles on human resources field. \u003cfont color\u003d'#FF0000'\u003eIt is out of here, does not include Spain.\u003c/font\u003e More than 1.6 million resumes in the database! Over 52,000 job offers! Very strong site with job offers in all fields, from the most powerful companies in Spain. All fields, starting and ending with agriculture and construction-finance banks. Advanced search engine. Over 17,000 jobs in Spain and worldwide! All sectors: IT, Internet, healthcare, tourism, hotels, catering, restaurant, retail, services, industry, manufacturing, agriculture, engineering, miscellaneous services, secretarial, administrative, marketing, telemarketing, human resources, consulting, finance, accounting , advertising and logistics. Tenders covers all regions of Spain: Alicante, Barcelona, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Cordoba, Guadalajara, Huelva, Las Palmas, Madrid Seville, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid, Zamora, Zaragoza. Articles of interest, useful links, latest information. Over 4,000 jobs in Spain! Recruitment site which mediates powerful jobs in all fields in all regions of Spain. News, online news, information varied. Over 2,000 private sector jobs only in Spain. The website covers all provinces and is very well done. Utiliator is necessary to create an account. Among the services offered include email alert, news and information, online forum, how to calculate the salary, links to sites designed specifically for immigrants.